Location of the EAA Chap 81 hanger

Chapter81 Hanger information
George Snyder 520-661-2127 azflyboy01@yahoo.com

We would like to thank Bob Allen for his generous donation of new A/N hardware, rivets, new parts and a few more tools for our tool collection I'm not going to try to list everything he donated, but here are the highlights. New parts:
- Assorted A/N hardware
- Assorted Rivets (several sizes of driven and pulled/pop style)
-Assorted standard hardware.
-2 Rapco Brake linings #RA66-105, A/C Spruce p/n 06-16955, LOC:21GC
-Rapco Replacement Pneumatic filter RA 154-6 A/C Spruce p/n 10-23820
-2 Rapco filters RA-D9-18-1
-PTT switch with "Locktight Jack" (coiled cord)
-Non Adj Platemount A/C Spruce p/n 08-07222, sk 2003-14A, LOC:01EI
- 2 feet of 3 inch wide Baffle Seal A/C Spruce p/n 05-04717-3, LOC: 60AE
-2 1/4 inch Instrument mount nut ring MK-03, A/C Spruce p/n 10-00337
-1 AvLab test kit for turbine and Piston oil filters.
-2 EGT Thermocouples 712-2DWK, 48", 2.5ohms res, 0-2100f, 32.9 mv@1500f
-ELT Antenna
-handheld radio antenna (that's a guess)
-2 (used) Five gallon gas cans. (we are not allowed to store gas at the hangar so let's find them a home) -Used assorted A/N and standard hardware.
Donations to the club kitty for parts, hardware or raw aircraft building materials are always welcome.
Tools (highlights):
-Sparkplug Cleaning machine
- Free standing Utility work lights -20 ton bottle jack
-2 High wing Cessna Jacks
-1 set of wheel chocks

Chapter members in good standing may: Borrow chapter owned tools and equipment free of charge.
Book the entire hangar at a rate of $10. a day (first come, first served) Find parts, hardware or raw aircraft building materials for a smokin' deal.
Don't forget to explore our chapter library of over 200 titles in books, DVD's and VHS while you're there.

Drive down South Aviator Lane to the end. Park just south of AirWest. There is a walk in gate just south of the auto gate. It is not locked. Walk through the gate, and turn left. Walk past the first hanger on your right, turn right again to the end of the second hanger. The EAA hanger is on the North west corner of the second hanger, E-7 Bring a chair if you are attending a chapter meeting. See the two images below!


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