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2020 Zenith CH-701 STOL

100 hp Rotax 912 ULS engine with 55 hours (certified Rotax
maintenance at 28 hours) 91 octane Mogas or 100LL fuel
Garmin GTR 200 Radio with intercom
Appareo Stratus ESG (ADSB-Out)
Trans-Cal Altitude Encoder
Dynon D3 Pocket Panel
EarthX Battery ETX680 - Optimate Lithium Charger LFP 9.5 A
Artex ELT 345 406
Halon Fire Extinguisher
Two David Clark H10-13.5 Headsets with extra pads, covers, and carrying cases
Dual Rotax Vernier throttle cables
AEROLEDs Pulsar NAV/ACS/POS lights, LED tail light
AEROLEDs MicroSun Landing/Recognition light
Sensenich 3 blade composite ground adjustable prop
Viking steel bungee, Elevator VGs,12 volt and USB panel outlets, clock
Zenith 4 position flap option, 21x6 tundra tires, MATCO brakes, cabin heat, electric elevator trim, streamline struts,
12.5 gal fuel tank options
Bubble doors with extra rear latch, tie down rings
Zinc phosphate rust preventative sprayed onto all enclosed surfaces, acrylic urethane primer and two top coats alkyd urethane paint
Fuel cans, siphon tube, funnel, ladder, prop covers, books, manuals, oil, filters, tow bar, paints, cleaners, chocks, etc.
Mock-up of a Fieseler 156 Storch North Africa Air Ambulance
Located at Ryan Airfield - Mobile Aire full shade hangar

Larry Wilson

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2011 Zenith Zodiac 601XL w/B modifications. EXTREMELY nice looking plane. 158 hrs, Jabiru 3300, MGL Glass panel plus
a mounted tablet, autopilot, plus all the other stuff. $44,500
If interested, contact Jimmy



Lyndell Taylor

Desert Sport Flyers suffered a setback in March when during the annual inspection a crack was discovered in the top cap of the center section main spar of the club’s aircraft.  The manager elected to disband the club at that time.  However, some of the club members felt that the club should be continued with new organization documents and new management. Since that time, the new organization has been formed and will operate under the same name (Desert Sport Flyers).  There are some options available for obtaining an aircraft and the club will soon make its decision as to what aircraft it will choose. The new managers are: Jessica Cox, President; Mark Gregory, Secretary; Steve Hulland, Treasurer; Jerry Witt, Maintenance Officer; And Bob Rill, Director at Large.  If anyone is interested in membership in the new club, please contact one of the new officers.

Stephen Zigelstein

2007 Johnston Tiger Cub $9000, Single Seat LSA, Rotax 503 DCDI, TT ACFT/ENG 70hrs, Basic VFR instruments, Custom 9 gal aluminum tank, Cleveland Brakes, Custom cargo storage compartment behind seat, Folding wings, Can be flown with Doors open or Off , Stall 27 - Cruise 75 MPH

Stephen Zigelstein

Best way to contact me is Cell Phone 308-383-9786

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Purchased RV12iS Empennage/ Tailcone and Wing Kits from Van's Aircraft in 2018. Completed the Empennage at Synergy Air and Tailcone in Arizona.  Only sorted and labelled all Wing Kit parts and fittings. The cost of all the items is $11,400. Also have the complete tool kit for the RV-12iS, including a pneumatic squeezer - $2000 + value. All available for $8,000. Tool Kit is free and there is no tax applicable. If interested, please contact John Twyman at: Tel: 520.207.5002 (voice only) or Email: john.w.twyman@gmail.com

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