EAA Chapter 81
501C3 Corporation

Experimental Aircraft and More
MOTTO: Learn, Build, Fly, Inspire
We have a lot going on and would like to have you come to our meetings, which are on the third Saturday of the Month. 

Next Chapter 81 meeting
Join Us!  Visitors are always welcome at our meetings.

Saturday, April 17 at 10 AM
Ryan Field Administration building

This month a triple topic meeting….
"Why is my engine so quiet", a video on engine failure causes,
" Up against the cowling and spread em", a short summary of the FAA ramp check process,
and a discussion about hosting a "Flying Start" event on EAA Learn to Fly Day (5/15)

We will attempt to practice appropriate physical distancing,
Members are asked to bring and wear appropriate facial masks.

Ground Rules for Saturday's Chapter Meeting
As you are all aware, COVID-19 is being transmitted at world-record-rates here in Arizona. Participation in tomorrow's meeting must involve serious consideration of the risks and mitigating procedures.
Here is a list of “disqualifying conditions” for your participation.

  1. If you consider yourself a vulnerable individual due to age or current medical condition.
  2. If you have a family member who is vulnerable
  3. If you have arrived here from out of state within the last 2 weeks.
  4. If you have had contact with anyone suffering from respiratory illness of any kind or known COVID-19 symptoms within the last 2 weeks
  5. If you are experiencing an elevated temperature or lung congestion.
  6. If you are not feeling “100%”
I now know several individuals who have survived COVID-19 and consider it the most unpleasant experience of their lives. While having “recovered”, they are suffering long-term effects which we are just now beginning to appreciate. These affects include pulmonary limitations, psychological issues, etc. Note: the FAA is hinting that the long-term effects of COVID-19 may affect future approval of airmen medical certificates, requiring significant additional screening. Get COVID, get special issuance, not a pleasant prospect.

We will have the meeting room set up for “social distancing” and ask people to not congregate around the coffee table and at the leadership table. Mask wearing is required. If the crowd becomes too large, admission will be restricted.

Project Meetings and other chapter gathering announcements are posted in the newsletter and on this website.  Regular Chapter 81 meetings are held at the Ryan Airfield administration building in Tucson AZ just east of Richie’s Café.  Special chapter meetings are held at various locations of aviation interest or at member project locations.  If you have a project, we would love to learn about it and add it to our schedule!  As a Chapter 81 member you will receive a monthly newsletter. The most current newsletter, and our document archives are available under the EAA Chap81 Newsletters-Minutes tab on this web site, or click here.

If you wish to join our chapter, dues are $20.00 for a year.  All new members receive an EAA Chapter 81 patch, a one year subscription to the Chapter 81 newsletter, "The Skywriter", and a link to purchase a Chapter 81 name badge. You may pay your dues at any scheduled chapter meeting. Checks are made payable to: EAA Chapter 81.  Or mail your check to: Eric Nelson, EAA81 Treasurer, 10270 N. Krauswood Ln, Oro Valley AZ 85737

We have instituted a new system to pay dues based on Zelle. Zelle is a fast, safe and contact free way to pay your dues. If you transfer money and make payments online, you can probably also use it to join chapter 81 and pay your dues.   
1. To pay by Zelle, use your Zelle account to pay $20 to president81@eaa81.org with the memo field containing your name, email address, and the word "dues".
2. If you prefer to pay by responding to a Zelle request, send an email to
president81@eaa81.org with your zelle ID and a request will be sent to you.  Your Zelle ID will either be an email address or a mobile phone number, whatever you used to set up your account.
3. If you prefer to pay by Venmo or PayPal, the chapter does not have such accounts but chapter President Erik Fjerstad is willing to process your payment through his Paypal or Venmo accounts.  Send the funds to erikfjer@gmail.com and he will acknowledge your payment and transfer the money to the chapter.  Be sure to also send an email to Erik at the same email address erikfjer@gmail.com identifying yourself and the payment to ensure positive identification of the payment.  

Tucson, AZ EAA Chapter 81 has been declared by the IRS as a 501c3 Corporation.
This means that donors can deduct contributions
and Chapter 81 may receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers or gifts