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We have a lot going on and would like to have you come to our meetings, which are on the third Saturday of the Month. 

Next Chapter 81 meeting
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EAA Chapter 81 Meeting March 21, 2020 - 10:00 hrs
has been canceled.
Considering both the current guidelines regarding the COVID-19 (Corona) virus, and the chapter 81 demographics, we are canceling the upcoming meeting on March 21, 2020. We will evaluate the environment next month and decide if we will hold the April 18, 2020 meeting.

Note to all members regarding our upcoming Chapter Meeting and the COVID-19 (corona) virus.  

While some local groups are canceling all meetings and gatherings, such as my HOA closing the pool, clubhouse, tennis, etc., we need to assess our situation and be prudent. Our meeting qualifies for some special attention due to a number of factors - the majority of our members are in the age demographic to be at risk of complications should they become infected, and some members are snowbirds or retirees with significant connections and recent contacts with visitors from infected zones, such as the Seattle area.

My advice to members regarding participation in the next few meetings is as follows: 

People in these categories shouldn't be at the meeting either for their own safety or for the safety of others.
1. If you are immune-compromised, due to an illness or some form of current medical treatment affecting immunity such as chemotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis medication, etc. 
2. If you are currently Ill with some form of congestion.
3. If you recently (within the last week)  returned from a visit to a current virus zone and while there had contact with someone who was ill with flu-like symptoms.
4. If you have recently been visited by someone from a current virus zone, who was either ill with flu-like symptoms or was in contact within the prior week with someone who was ill with flu-like symptoms within the virus zone.

I don't want us to over-react by curbing all activities, but I think this guidance will help ensure we take care for ourselves and for our fellow members.

Thanks for you understanding and cooperation.

Chapter 81 President

Project Meetings and other chapter gathering announcements are posted in the newsletter and on this website.  Regular Chapter 81 meetings are held at the Ryan Airfield administration building in Tucson AZ just east of Richie’s Café.  Special chapter meetings are held at various locations of aviation interest or at member project locations.  If you have a project, we would love to learn about it and add it to our schedule!  As a Chapter 81 member you will receive a monthly newsletter. The most current newsletter, and our document archives are available under the EAA Chap81 Newsletters -Minutes tab on this web site, or click here.

If you wish to join our chapter, dues are $20.00 for a year.  All new members receive an EAA Chapter 81 patch, a one year subscription to the Chapter 81 newsletter, "The Skywriter", and a link to purchase a Chapter 81 name badge. You may pay your dues at any scheduled chapter meeting. Checks are made payable to: EAA Chapter 81.  Or mail your check to: Eric Nelson, EAA81 Treasurer, 10270 N. Krauswood Ln, Oro Valley AZ 85737

Tucson, AZ EAA Chapter 81 has been declared by the IRS as a 501c3 Corporation.
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